Blog 1 – Networking

Industry Overview Blogs

Taylor Charles Read- Animation


Beginning these blogs on industry overview is the topic of networking, making friends and how building on these will help further one’s career.





gerund or present participle: networking

  1. 1.
  2. connect as or operate with a network.
  3. “compared with the railways the canals were less effectively networked”
  4. 2.
  5. interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.
  6. “the skills of networking, bargaining, and negotiation”


Through out a career certain opportunities are missed and taken, the chances of these opportunities presenting themselves is increased by the knowledge of where or when they will appear. The knowledge being obtained overtime in elements separate from the jobs at hand can hurt the success in a project, the outcome of the retrieval of information is not always predictable and can take time off you for seeking it out. What you are seeking may also be unclear or full of details that can counter you efforts. Which is why it would be worth knowing people in the hubs of the information you require that can access this information easily during their own career, this can have you and this person progress at a project and bring useful information to each other easily.


An example of this would be if reporter and a police detective had met in a bar, had a conversation and saw a means to both achieving a goal through each other. The reporter wants a story and the detective wants to bring in a criminal, the detective can provide information that can allow the reporter to better investigate the criminal. The reporter in return can provide information for the detective, so the reporter gets more to report on and the detective comes closer to catching the criminal. From that point on they both know they have a flow of information to help them later on and to maintain the strength of this ability they can do things like positive reports on the officer or build trust with a news station.


Another example of how networking can help a person in their career would be if a person had to understand content not relating to their discipline. Say that a civil servant had to promote an interest of the general populace of the city he wants to be elected in, this interest being conservation of landmarks. To win this election through promotion of these landmarks, he has to learn about them to better argue against opposition. So first he has to get connected with someone who recognises what the landmarks are, someone who can tell him why the landmarks need to be there, a environmental scientist to provide information on all sorts of aspects and then people relating to all these people to make sure he is informed and recognised for being informed on the matter. To get all this done he would have to network.


A personal lesson in networking was last year at a cocktail party. This web starts with a friend I had in highschool that became a model, this girl invited me one night to a whine down cocktail party to celebrate the end of miss universe. When I got there it was full of all sorts of people that use the models to promote the companies they represent, as explained by one of the promoters. Whilst there I talked to multiple models hoping to build friendships that could lead to more invites to events, I met an independant producer of creative media projects, I also met a man who said that said he could introduce me to someone at omni games, a personal trainer for some the girls and they all offered to keep me connected if I attended a gathering on the weekend. A extended relationship with these people was feasible through giving them surfing lessons, which they appeared to be interested in. The amount of contacts that can be gained in a bar is well worth practicing.


These relationships can be maintained and organized in social media. I use Facebook to keep in touch with these new friends.



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