Blog 2 – Charlie


This is young Charlies hero, he is future Charlie. Or atleast who Charlie wishes to become when he is older. Future Charlie is a charming colourful fellow that succeeded in the writing of comics, a thing of glory in the eyes of comic loving young Charlie. Here are all the things that we can guess makes future Charlie his younger selves hero…


Charlie can appreciate the colourful whiles of the arts with his tea and one sugar, because not only does he like the sweet things but he also watches his cholesterol


Charlie was not always raw with confidence and switched on like a well organised lightbulb, he started off with only one side of brain motivating him and the other just a academic tickets lost in the mail. So he embraces a method of learning called “Tangential Learning”, the education through a context of enjoyment. He would listen and learn to reggae up onto bebop, surfing to soccer, Akira Toriyama to Woody Allen, meatballs to bagels, blonde woo-hoo’s until finally the red headed jazzed up bar scholars. Until young Charlie enjoyed his whole life with the utmost swing on culture, art and romance.


Charlie is a fresh breath of clean banter, he is a solid evening of laughs and charm

Charlie knows people. He has a vast amount of friends that helped him to get to where he is because Charlie is way too heavy on the fun side of an already unbalanced coin. Luckily for Charlie he has wit, charm and a great mind for socializing.


So Charlie attends all the social gatherings he can until he meets the friends that will in a week tell him a team is looking for a shader for their graphic novel project, he meets them and they decide he is not what they want. Only however that they like Charlie and will in the future introduce him to multiple opportunities to use his talents for creative media, this same process will repeat as Charlie would practice what he loves and find a spot.


Other time hardships would come Charlies way and opportunity. No matter the extent, Charlie still had a strong network to keep him informed, guided and in consideration for the variety of occurrences that people in his network will come across with others in their own networks.


Charlie is set.


Charlie knows how to make a ripple in the river

Charlie needs to get recognised and graphic novels in his city are not getting a lot of love right now, so he looks to the music scene which fortunately for him his drinking beer and for Charlie a beer tastes best in his Swedish garden home in Sweden. So Charlie introduces himself to a talented artist before a show and says “kyss mig”, then apologizes. So he makes friends with the guy and makes sure he is able to contact him before his live performance, he records his music on his phone and sends it to a friend back home. His friend connects Charlie to an advertising firm or something of that nature that have an interest in Charlie’s new friend, Charlie tells his new friend and they travel back to the firm to do some recordings. The visible content belongs to Charlie, with Charlie’s vast interest in music as a listener he is aware of the quality of his new friends music, thus helping him make a loud step into advertising, thus advertising himself.


Charlie does not like copyright, Charlie suggests a reference list that readers can use to learn things Charlie would like.


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