210ANI_WK4_Taylor Read

Currently I am working on creating characters in 3DS MAX, first off I looked at creating the fairy which later I traded as a task with Carly so I could work on the villain. Reason being that I showed a greater suitability to creating sharp features which did not really suit the fairies intended design, instead of looking gentle it had become “badass” as Jonathan the lecturer had commented.

What I had done to create this character began with high poly count planes that I clipped at and stretched into circles. Each of the circles would help me to build the head, torso and the limbs. The skirt and wings began as rectangular planes. The skirt had a simple bit of fashioning to it by shrinking down strands of the skirt as copies to apply booleans onto and made asymmetrical to make it a bit active.

The wings I tried giving a good pattern like a nice butterfly wing, only I ended up with lightning shapes and sharp triangular content. Which extremely differs from the gentle nature of this character. So I am getting started on the villain and seeing if I can make her look badass instead.
I am going to go about a similar process as the fairy, I will try and invest in making the villain as maneuverable as it takes to get her like the animatic. Which very much requires multiple versions to best suit the scenes.


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