210ANI_WK5_Taylor Read

In the latest class session I learnt that I could have dodged a whole lot of work if I had only learnt about making faces, all done by creating the vertexes and when they link up it creates a face. Originally what I had done is create a rectangular plane with a high poly count and shape it into body parts or faces. Which again was made easier when I learnt that backspace could delete the vertexes and leave the face, both lessons of face making and backspace deleting vertexes were taught to me by Ayden. It is great to have him on the team, he had taught these things quickly.

These lessons were applied by assigning an image to a plane and just going off what Ayden taught me by building the characters shape over the top of the image on the plane. What I need to keep in mind for the creation of the evil fairy is sharpness, she needs to look intimidating and bad ass. Maybe I should just keep a big mood board of Tim Burton art next to me for this, I can very much see some of that early in the film footage of Jack Skeleton as the Pumpkin King  from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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