The first class had a recap on the 3dsMax programme by doing a speed model session. This session required us to respond to the words Punk, Western and Vacuum Cleaner. A great opportunity for the research and practice behind creating aesthetic imagining, conveniently the response I had was a good asset to my idea for the class assignment. The initial ideas that I chose to keep in mind immediately was scope but under suspected pressure of time I decided there was room for a broad range of ideas. So create something that would be visually appealing by using simple shapes and save room for plenty of texturing.

The first word I focused on was Punk. Punk can help as a topic because it is so easy to avoid having to apply it to a shape but rather as a genre that is expressed with symbols and fashion. So I do not need to worry about this word until the textures and it is easy enough a topic that the textures had effortlessly invaded my mind, so I looked onto the now smaller list for the next best option. The right word I felt in hindsight is Western, because this very much requires the word to be express by the object, Vacuum is the function.

The word Western obviously translates to guns, guns hold common place in story telling than just about any object I could think of at the time and its it glorification in film and video games made it more energy incurring for the task. As Well as enjoyable, which made the whole thing a lot easier and confident in the assignment. So I used simple cylinders to create the simple shapes of a pump action shotgun, which consisted mostly of cylinders.

So next up I apply the function and turn the gun into a vacuum so firstly I recognise the exit of the barrel as the barrel of a vacuum, the area of control for pulling the trigger and reloading as the control panel for its vacuum properties. Their had to also be an area of storage, this could either be on two things I thought to myself at the time. The back and the top pointing backwards kinda like the shape of a Needler from the Microsoft game titled Halo, although further back from the exposed barrel. The Needler type design would very much not suit it as it denies simplicity relating to the saying that less is more. Like with basic shapes and stylized characters Nintendo uses such as the characters in Mario and Pokemon. This went especially for a western design with a simple build and a very decoratable stock. So the stock of the shotgun vacuum became a canister.

So it ended up looking having two cogs on the sides with a simple cartoon style plate that reads Suck it and Blow it, which sticks to the punkest fashion. The western was fashioned through a old wood texture on the central area and pump of the vacuum, the part that would go under the arm includes the cannister which was given an old rusty texture with the words “God Save The Queen” on it in white letters referencing the band Sex Pistols. I had also applied a big obvious simplistic looking on and off switch, if present I would assume the chances are now higher with the obvious shape now may cause a recurring memory of the shotgun vacuum when out of site. A common advertising technique. I had then smacked a big white graffiti like Anarchy symbol on the pump, in photoshop I stretched it diagonally and applied to the uvmap angled all to generate a solid feel of genuine graffiti.

Now complete I chose to take feedback for this model from a select audience that I knew it suited, which I had gotten in touch with on Facebook. Knowing that this audience would find the gun pleasing to them out of interest for the genres Western and Punk, however with its simplistic shape and circumstance of viewership comedy was the best option I felt. So within the showcase I surprised them by making fun of their disliking for the television series My Little Pony. What I did was send pictures from one side of the shotgun vacuum and made arc shots around it until it revealed a image of a punk pony that I then started sending close ups off.

The exercise made me a lot more confident in the work flow and use of the programme, I found it to be entertaining and consistent on the day. The feedback received very much concerned the results of the aesthetic practice, they did not respond well to the pony I am afraid and it deeply brought down the viewer’s enjoyment from the shotgun vacuum. Despite this decline from my expected results I was still comfortable with the design and that their was some recognisable comedy in the pony idea, the practice was positive to the lesson concerning aesthetic image and I do believe the words were expressed effectively. Already have I thought of it in relation to my assignment and have gotten the ball rolling.


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